Thursday, April 6, 2006

ARRIS Offers CMTS Circuit Emulation from Resolute

ARRIS is partnering with Resolute Networks Ltd. to introduce a Touchstone Commercial Services Modem (CSM) 470 T1/E1 MTA, enabling Multi-Service Operators (MSOs) to provision T1/E1 services over standard HFC DOCSIS infrastructure. The solution is based on ARRIS' DOCSIS technology implementation and Resolute's standards-compliant CES technology. This solution was developed based on a grant from the BIRD Foundation.

The customer premises part of the solution consists of the ARRIS Touchstone CSM 470 Commercial Services Modem with one T1/E1 port, in addition to a standard 10/100BaseT Ethernet port. With Resolute CES module technology, standard T1/E1 connectivity is provided without the need to replace or reconfigure the T1/E1-based PBX, frame relay access, router or other equipment already installed at the customer premises. The head-end solution includes a dedicated pseudo-wire CES aggregator based on Resolute module technology, and is designed to minimize rack space and power consumption, while supporting scalability through a range of aggregation density options for handoff of T1/E1 traffic to the carrier TDM network.

The Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation promotes strategic partnerships between Israeli and American companies in various technological fields.


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