Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Amino to Licence its IPTV Designs through Spinoff

Amino Technologies has established an independent business, IntAct Software Limited, to license its IntAct software solutions to set-top box (STB) OEMs and ODMs, semiconductor manufacturers, service operators and system integrators. In addition, service operators and integrators may also licence Amino's set-top box designs with unique signature form factor through IntAct Software Ltd.

The IntAct IPTV solution consists of both a client software stack and IP STB server management tools. Amino has undertaken extensive third party interoperability and pre-integration, enabling use with a wide range of middleware, conditional access, silicon, head-end system and browser technology. IntAct has been deployed in more than 500,000 set-top boxes in 80 commercial roll-outs. It has been ported onto six silicon platforms, in multiple software configurations, in MPEG2 and MPEG4 H.264, standard and high definition formats.

"The number of volume deployments of IPTV networks should increase significantly in 2007 enabling local manufacture that brings associated reductions in import costs and multi-sourcing of set-top boxes operating a common software solution to ensure service reliability. IntAct offers its licensees these benefits," commented Karthik Ranjan, Vice President Sales and Marketing, IntAct.