Monday, April 17, 2006

Amdocs to Acquire Qpass for $275 Million

Amdocs agreed to acquire Qpass, a leading provider of digital commerce software and solutions, for approximately $275 million in cash.

Qpass can act as a channel between the content provider and the service provider, helping to determine how to offer, manage, charge, and fulfill for the service. It plays a key role in enabling the value chain and monetizing digital content. Qpass currently has relationships with over 300 content providers and also works with some of the largest carrier groups globally, including Cingular, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Qpass is based in Seattle.

Amdocs provides integrated customer billing and management solutions to service providers.

"Service providers are working hard to adapt their networks and business models to take advantage of the growing content and services market," said Dov Baharav, Chief Executive Officer of Amdocs Management Limited. "This transaction creates a unique combination that will help realize the transformation of service providers from carriers of voice and data services to dynamic retailers of ubiquitous, converged services and digital content."http://www.amdocs.com

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