Monday, April 10, 2006

Alcatel Makes Executive Appointments

Alcatel announced the following executive appointments:

  • Etienne Fouques, EVP, is appointed President of Europe and South. He was previously President of Alcatel's mobile communications activities.

  • Marc Rouanne, is appointed EVP and President of the mobile communications activities. He was previously the COO of these activities.

  • Hubert de Pesquidoux is appointed EVP and President of Alcatel activities in North America. Hubert joined Alcatel in 1991 as Corporate Treasurer. In 1998, he was appointed CFO for Alcatel in the USA. Subsequently, he was appointed COO for Alcatel North America and CEO of Alcatel Canada.

  • Michel Rahier is appointed EVP and President of the fixed communications activities. Before this he was COO for this segment.

  • Olivier Picard, who is President of Alcatel's activities in France, Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, also joins the Executive Committee. He was appointed VP for South East Asia in 1999 and EVP for France in 2001.

In conjunction with these appointments, Jacques Dunogué, Executive Vice President EVP, President of Europe and South, and member of the Executive Committee is leaving the company to pursue other opportunities.

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