Wednesday, April 26, 2006

aduno Introduces its Web 2.0 Conferencing Service

aduno, a start-up based in Paris, introduced its "Rich Meeting" next generation audioweb conferencing services. The company said its Web 2.0 - programming approach will make online, reservationless conferencing available to a much wider audience.

Key attributes of aduno include:

  • Provides personal portals for the organizer and participants, to make the audio and web connections simultaneous, immediate and totally secure; no code or number to dial, the access is instantaneous,

  • Offers native integration of audio and web, allowing for piloting, i.e. access to audio and web functionalities in the same PC window, by simply clicking on the participant icons,

  • Control screen allows for preparation, programming (invitations and reminders with synchronized Outlook and Notes), follow-up and filing of the conferences, in the same application,

  • Sharing applications without plug-in on dedicated server, therefore available with full security from any PC connected to the Internet; no prior downloading, all invited participants can connect

  • Allows installation on dedicated servers of documents, conferences, data, etc. of the user company, while respecting its security constraints.

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