Tuesday, March 21, 2006

VideoEgg Launches Flash-based Video Publishing/Hosting for Websites

VideoEgg, a start-up based in San Francisco, released an integration kit that lets web publishers integrate a consumer-friendly video-upload service into their websites.

The VideoEgg Publisher is a small browser plug-in that makes it easy for users to capture, encode, upload, and share online video. Sometimes described as a browser-based "universal video adapter," the VideoEgg Publisher reads dozens of video file formats and captures video directly from camcorders, Web cams, and mobile phones.

Videos are uploaded to the VideoEgg Server Network, a geographically distributed network of 18,000 servers powered by Akamai Technologies. Uploaded videos are immediately available for viewing through the Flash-based VideoEgg Player, which does not require external player software like Windows Media or QuickTime.

Webmasters can download the Integration Kit for the VideoEgg Publisher, VideoEgg Server Network, and VideoEgg Player for free. VideoEgg will host the videos indefinitely. The service will be supported by ads.