Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Verizon Offers SLAs for Managed IP PBX Service

Verizon Business began offering service-level commitments for its Managed IP PBX Services. The new SLAs provide a commitment that Managed IP PBX issues will be resolved in three and a half hours or less.

Verizon Business is also measuring the quality of its Managed IP PBX services using a new set of measurements specifically designed for voice services, including Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) that look at the end-user's voice-quality experience. The Verizon Business SLA guarantees an average MOS score up to 4.0, a highly desirable score for IP telephony networks. Users can compare this to other IP Telephony providers that typically do not offer voice quality service-level commitments based on MOS scores.

With Managed IP PBX, customers also can view near real-time performance of their managed networks through the Verizon Business customer portal, where they have access to a wealth of analytical data. As a result, Verizon Business can help customers better identify and remedy performance problems, enabling them to avoid expensive productivity and customer losses caused by poor performance.

Additionally, the company is extending a number of other robust service-level commitments to its Managed IP PBX customers, including up to 100 percent platform availability and proactive notification of an issue within 15 minutes or less. The SLAs also consist of a credit payout of up to 100 percent of the monthly recurring charge for missed metrics averaged over a month. http://www.verizon.net

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