Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Verizon Enhances Wholesale SIP Gateway Service

Verizon Business has enhanced its wholesale SIP Gateway service by allowing wholesale customers to take advantage of metered outbound local calling, and directory assistance or operator services, or both. The SIP Gateway Service is available in three configurations: Inbound Complete, Two-Way Local and Two-Way Complete. With all configurations, Verizon Business provides the media gateway to the PSTN, local number portability, E-911 (for outbound configurations), directory listing and Web-based order submission. Carrier IP Termination, using either the time division multiplex or SIP interfaces, provides wholesale customers with the ability to hand off traffic using the transport method that best suits their needs.

Verizon said the new metered outbound local calling provides customers with more pricing flexibility. This metered capability is available in an initial billing time of six seconds followed by subsequent six-second billing increments, and the feature can be used to recognize and manage subscriber usage patterns more efficiently.

Further, wholesale customers can advance and customize their own product suites with the directory assistance and operator service features now available with the wholesale SIP Gateway product. Wholesale customers will be provided local, long-distance and international operator and directory assistance service round-the-clock from geographically dispersed and fully redundant call centers.

Directory assistance and operator services are offered by both automated and live operators, with 23 languages offered on the automated platform.


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