Monday, March 6, 2006

Verizon Business Adds VoIP to Contact Center Service

Verizon Business is launching "IP Web Center" -- a hosted contact center solution that will allow companies to quickly start up or expand their customer communications operations in response to rapidly changing business plans or business continuity requirements.
The service is aimed at mid-sized businesses that want to expand the functionality of their existing contact centers or for those that want to build new contact centers based on IP.

Pricing options let customers pay as they go for IP-enabled Web Center services; businesses only pay a monthly per agent price, plus call transport fees and associated IP phone equipment costs. This works well for companies that need to increase agent levels during busy holiday times and then reduce them when normal call levels resume. Businesses can also save on inbound toll-free costs, because their customers can make local calls that are directed to an IP Web Center agent over Verizon Business' IP network.

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