Sunday, March 26, 2006

Verimatrix and Heuris Team on Hollywood Production Tools

Verimatrix and Heuris, a manufacturer of video compression, processing tools and applications, have developed a suite of secure screening tools for the Hollywood theatrical film and television industry.

The integrated Heuris and Verimatrix screening products ensure security from the time of the shoot and throughout the distribution chain. Using Verimatrix's digital watermarking and its complementary forensics, as well as encryption prior to release to production and post-production crews, results in better internal controls from the beginning of the value chain. The RushPlay onDemand platform includes the Video-on-Demand (VOD) server from Streaming 21 and Numa Technology's VD-200 IP set-top box.

"We are providing the most simple and secure method for producers to view dailies, rough cuts, VFX tests, casting sessions, or screeners instantly from their screening room, office or even living room," said Brian Quandt, president of Heuris. "Our intention is to simplify the complex processes of producing a show or movie by creating an 'on demand' private channel, which streamlines the workflow for producers."http://www.heuris.com

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