Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tut & Verimatrix Partner on IPTV

MBO Video is deploying an IPTV service utilizing Tut Systems' Astria content processor (CP) and the Verimatrix Content Authority Systems (VCAS). Tut Systems' Astria Content Processor (CP) platform serves as the core video processing system for MBO Video's 192 channel MPEG-2 digital headend, currently serving 10 video service providers throughout the states of Oklahoma and Missouri. MBO Video's recent announcement to add MPEG-4 AVC video to their headend will yield better picture quality while significantly lowering the bandwidth required for MPEG-2 video. The addition of VCAS enables MBO Video to protect video content delivered to multiple downstream operators using one centralized server to both encrypt and watermark premium content.

The companies said the MBO Video win is the latest in a series of mutual customer wins, but the first in which Tut Systems acted as the prime vendor for the VCAS solution under a recently signed reseller agreement.


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