Monday, March 13, 2006

TNS Acquires InfiniRoute for Managed VoIP Peering

Transaction Network Services, a network and data communications provider for transaction-oriented applications, has acquired InfiniRoute Networks, which provides managed VoIP peering network services to carriers. Financial terms were not disclosed.

TNS will continue to provide InfiniRoute's flagship product, VoIP Direct, a service enabling direct VoIP peering between service providers over IP networks. VoIP Direct includes the following components:

  • VoIP Enablement: For traditional carriers, InfiniRoute accepts legacy time-division multiplex (TDM) interfaces and converts the traffic for transport over IP networks using VoIP signaling protocols.

  • Protocol conversion and interoperability: For customers operating different signaling protocols (particularly H.323 and SIP VoIP protocols), InfiniRoute offers interoperability services and protocol mediation support, enabling disparate networks to connect.

Additionally, TNS will offer billing, clearing and settlement services to complement the VoIP Direct product. Customers can choose to interconnect directly by establishing their own bilateral contracts and simply using TNS as the technology enabler and usage-reporting vehicle, or they can contract with TNS to reduce the number of independent agreements required and have TNS perform billing and settlement services.

PSTN-Quality Voice to Managed VoIP Peering
peering is becoming a standard practice for even the world's largest
carriers for a number of reasons. The number of VoIP telephony subscribers
is increasing, and carriers want to retain ownership of these calls. VoIP
is too important a technology to ignore; according to research firm
TeleGeography, VoIP—driven by the growth and availability of broadband
and cellular services as well as by deregulation—will account for half
of the international voice market by 2007. Recognizing the inevitable,
more carriers are migrating their networks from TDM to VoIP. As a result,
‘VoIP network islands'—which may be surrounded by a sea of TDM
networks—are emerging around the world.

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