Monday, March 6, 2006

Texas Instruments Unveils Latest VoIP System-on-Chip

Texas Instruments (TI) announced its latest VoIP system on a chip, the TNETV1061, providing advanced VoIP and data routing features for residential applications where voice quality, scalability, low cost and reliability are essential for service provider deployments. Target applications include analog terminal adapters, VoIP gateway/routers, VoIP-enabled 802.11b/g access point/routers or broadband cordless phones.

TI's newest residential VoIP solution integrates the company's Telogy Software for high-quality VoIP with the strength of TI DSPs for real-time signal processing. The software and silicon solution is anchored by the TNETV1061's dual processor architecture for simultaneous real-time voice processing and data traffic under heavy load conditions. The software covers a range of voice vocoders: G.711 (PCM), G.723.1A, G.726(ADPCM), G.729AB, GSM-FR, GSM-AMR and supports up to 4 channels of voice . It also supports TI's recently announced PIQUA voice quality monitoring, serviceability, manageability and network management capabilities. Other advanced features include line echo cancellation, packet loss compensation/recovery, a SIP protocol stack and supplemental services, and secure RTP and SIP TLS.

The TNETV1061 solution also seamlessly interfaces to TI's TNETW1350A 802.11b/g chip and pre-integrates the access point software to support WLAN-enabled VoIP products.

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