Sunday, March 5, 2006

Texas Instruments Launches Digital Media Software for OEMs

Texas Instruments (TI) launched a portfolio of in-house developed digital media software, including encoders, decoders and other algorithms, that can be rapidly integrated into its digital signal processor (DSP) and systems-on- chip (SoC) platforms.

TI's new productized digital media software offering is comprised of audio, video and voice components including up to MPEG-4 720p HD encode/decode, H.264 BP encode/decode, and Windows Media Audio encode/decode. Current digital media software offerings support TI's DaVinci processors, as well as TI's TMS320C6000 and TMS320C5000 DSP platforms, and will be extended to new TI platforms as they are introduced to the market.

TI said the "Slingbox" uses the Windows Media 9 encoder, which TI's software team initially developed and tuned for the DSP-based digital media processor used in the product.http:/

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