Thursday, March 16, 2006

TANDBERG Showcases Xport MPEG-4 Packaging Tool

TANDBERG Television is introducing "Xport" technology designed for an IPTV network. Xport is a content creation and packaging tool for MPEG-4 AVC video-on-demand. TANDBERG said its initiative marks the first time that a company is taking streaming technology into an on-demand environment. During the upcoming TelecomNext show in Las Vegas, the company will demo Xport by illustrating how IPTV operators can capture MPEG-4 AVC files and get twice the amount of content as other service providers.

In addition, TANDBERG Television will be showcasing its OpenStream Digital Services Platform, an open back office on-demand system. It brings scalability and open architecture to IPTV and is widely deployed worldwide.

Also being demonstrated is TANDBERG Television's asset management system, MediaPoint AMS, which manages the flow of content for on-demand systems. MediaPoint validates the metadata to industry standard specifications and dynamically puts rules in place to ensure content is consistently being delivered to the end user.

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