Monday, March 13, 2006

SyChip Introduces VoIP Processing Chip for Mobiles

SyChip, a supplier of Radio Frequency Chip Scale Modules (CSM), introduced a VoIP integrated circuit that has been optimized for wireless VoIP applications. The SV1000 device is the newest in the SyVoice family of products targeted to mobile devices such as cell phones, single-mode wireless VoIP phones, PDAs, personal media players and portable gaming consoles. It combines a high-speed digital signal processor (DSP), A/D and D/A converters and power management logic in a single integrated circuit.

SyChip said its device is optimized to execute all of the real-time functions required during a VoIP call including advanced speech coders, jitter buffer, encryption and acoustic echo cancellation. Today many general-purpose processors are used to execute these functions and will consume three-to-five times more power due to the increased MIPS and memory required. The SV1000 consumes only 14mA of current during a call, enabling phones to have talk times of more than eight hours with a typical cell phone battery, according to the company.

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