Thursday, March 23, 2006

SkyStream Selected for NTELOS Headend in Virginia

SkyStream was selected as video headend partner for NTELOS' new IPTV service over FTTP that will serve its Virginia ILEC footprint.
NTELOS has built a "super video headend" center where it has deployed the SkyStream Mediaplex-20 video headend. From there, NTELOS is distributing the MPEG-2 feed over a 10-Gigabit Metro Ethernet ring to several regional offices and will deploy the SkyStream iPlex edge video headend system for additional video aggregation and distribution. NTELOS will be able to offer local channels, advertising and other programming from these regional centers.

The new TV service will feature national, regional and local video and music programming, including several that will be in HD. NTELOS will receive a video feed from the National Cable Telephone Cooperative (NCTC) for some of its channel lineup.

NTELOS has been an incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC) in western Virginia for 109 years and is offering the new IPTV service initially just in its ILEC territory. NTELOS also operates a competitive local exchange carrier network in Virginia, and is a leading wireless provider in the region.