Sunday, March 5, 2006

Sipera Thwarts VoIP DoS/DDoS Attacks, Stealth, Spoofing and Spam

Sipera Systems debuted its Sipera IPCS 310 system designed to intelligently and transparently monitor VoIP traffic, detect anomalies in traffic and call patterns, and identify threats, to protect end-user devices and network infrastructures against attacks, misuse and service abuse. Sipera said its products can be deployed in any existing VoIP infrastructure due to its close development and integration work with leading VoIP infrastructure manufacturers. The Sipera IPCS 310 product is not a point-of-failure in the network and is not subject to attack, as it is deployed without an IP address. Key features include:

  • Real-time performance, including secure key management and wire speed encryption/decryption. The ability to decrypt TLS/SRTP in real-time.

  • Behavior learning algorithms for traffic and subscriber call patterns. This automatic system detects anomalies, verifies the source using methods such as sender intention verification and VoIP Turing tests, and protects against multiple threats while dramatically reducing false positive and negatives;

  • Network level intelligence which correlates events in real-time from different parts of the network for protection of elements against distributed attacks; and

  • Automatic and user controlled handling of VoIP SPAM.

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