Sunday, March 5, 2006

Ruckus Announces First European IPTV Customer for Smart Wi-Fi

Dublin-based Magnet Networks has selected Ruckus Wireless' "smart Wi-Fi" system to provide the in-home networking solution for its digital TV service. Magnet is using over an ADSL 2+ and FTTH infrastructure to deliver digital voice, IPTV and Internet access. The company currently offers 66 channels of IPTV and is rolling out video on demand (VoD) services this month.

IPTV channels are compressed using MPEG-2 and streamed over the Magnet Network at bit rates ranging from three to five megabits per second. Magnet plans to utilize new MPEG-4 data compression that will allow it to effectively double the number of channels consumers can access over its networks as well as support HDTV. Additionally, Magnet offers VoIP and various additional services.

Prior to providing the Ruckus system, Magnet would typically rewire homes with Category 5 Ethernet cables.

The Ruckus system uniquely identifies and prioritizes different types of traffic coming into the system. It then finds and uses the best Wi-Fi signal path for transmission. If any interference is detected, the Ruckus system, on-the-fly, automatically steers the Wi-Fi beam around the interference to ensure the highest reliability of each transmission. The Ruckus smart Wi-Fi system continually keeps track of the Wi-Fi environment and ranks the best path at any given time to each end station.

  • Magnet Networks is a fully owned subsidiary of US-based private equity investment company Columbia Ventures Corporation, holder of extensive telecoms interests worldwide, and a sister company of Hibernia Atlantic , owner/operator of Ireland's only direct fibre-optic submarine cable link with North America and the UK.


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