Monday, March 20, 2006

Pioneer Telephone Deploys Ruckus Wireless for In-Home IPTV Distribution

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative (Pioneer), which serves some 140,000 customers in Oklahoma, is beginning a customer trial of Ruckus Wireless' in-home "smart Wi-Fi" system to stream digital TV content to any corner of the home using standard 802.11g Wi-Fi technology.

Pioneer is currently one of the nation's largest providers of commercial IPTV services (launched in June 2004) and has more than 20,000 broadband subscribers.

It currently delivers up to 20 Mbps of broadband capacity to subscribers using ADSL2+ technology to support the simultaneous viewing of as many as three different TV channels per home. Each TV stream consumes approximately 4.5 Mbps of capacity. Subscribers can choose from over 165 channels of compressed (MPEG-2) digital TV, as well as Internet access and, in the future, digital voice services.

Wi-Fi Completes the Triple Play
date, in-home video distribution -- an essential element for Triple Play
delivery -- has been largely ignored: Given its widespread popularity and
use within the home, Wi-Fi would be an obvious solution to this problem.
Yet conventional consumer Wi-Fi was designed primarily for data
applications and provides poor transport for multimedia traffic. Here is
how a new generation of Smart Wi-Fi could solve the problem.

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