Tuesday, March 7, 2006

NTT America Offers Scalable Ethernet Service in U.S. Markets

NTT America announced a direct point-to-point, virtual circuit Ethernet service available in nine U.S. domestic markets. The new "VLink" service, which is provided through the NTT Communications Global IP Network in the United States, is an Ethernet solution that directly addresses the needs of high bandwidth point-to-point data transfers. It provides the flexibility and scalability of Layer 3 (IP) technology while incorporating the dedicated traffic paths and management capabilities associated with Layer 2 technologies.

VLink complements NTT Communications' Global Super Link product, which was released July 1, 2005, by targeting global high-speed point-to-point bandwidth needs, including those in the United States and Japan. Using similar technology VLink targets a ultra high bandwidth solution (100Mbps to 1Gbps) for U.S. domestic needs.http://us.net.net

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