Monday, March 13, 2006

Nominum Launches ENUM-based IP-Application Routing Directory Server

Nominum introduced an ENUM-based IP-Application Routing Directory server that enables the connection of advanced IP-based communications services between separate networks.

Nominum Navitas sits at a critical point in new network topologies and provides the necessary information to handle local number portability data, resolve SIP to URI translation, and route sessions between IP networks. Nominum Navitas is the first to market with a complete solution that includes leading performance such as sub-millisecond query response latency, massive scalability, real-time updates, provisioning interfaces, optimizations for varied deployments (private, carrier, and public), support for multiple in-network architectures (centralized and decentralized), and carrier-grade availability that are required for the success of IP-based services.

In order to test the ability of its new product to provision and access authoritative routing data from external sources, Nominum has completed interoperability testing of Nominum Navitas with NeuStar's SIP-IX ENUM registry service. Using an open SOAP/XML schema developed by NeuStar, in collaboration with partners like Nominum, Navitas was provisioned with ENUM records from SIP-IX. SIP-IX is a suite of services and global infrastructure designed to enable direct network-to-network peering between trading partners for voice, video and content services using SIP-based technologies such as IP multimedia (IMS) and VoIP.

In addition, Nominum will collaborate with Evolving Systems, Inc., a leading provider of software solutions and services to the wireless, wireline and IP carrier market, to test Nominum Navitas. The collaboration will test Local Number Portability data integration with Nominum Navitas.

Telephony Is On the Line -- Can the Telephone Directory join the Internet
numbers are an entrenched standard that are unlikely to disappear anytime
soon. VoIP services need to be able to exist in a world with phone numbers
and devices designed to work with only those numbers. To deliver on the
promise of convergence, communications between IP-based devices must be
able to travel solely over IP networks, without traversing multiple
protocol conversions ( e.g., IP-to-PSTN gateways). For this to happen in
the telephony world, however, we need to be able to direct calls using
phone numbers to the appropriate VoIP servers or session border
controllers, without using the PSTN. Essentially, we need to link phone
numbers to IP addresses. Here is how ENUM is connecting VoIP islands.

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