Sunday, March 26, 2006

New Lycos Phone Combines IM, Video Chat, VOD and MP3 Player

Lycos launched a VoIP softphone application that integrates entertainment features, powered by Globe7.

Lycos is offering a free downloadable white label VoIP platform, in partnership with Globe7. Lycos Phone provides free calls and free video calls from PC to PC. Users can also receive unlimited free incoming calls from any landline or mobile phone, from around the world. Users also receive 100 free minutes of PC to landline and PC to mobile phone calls, and can earn additional free minutes through various promotional offers with Lycos Phone.

In addition, the Lycos Phone platform provides free video on demand access to more than 300 movie trailers, business news, world sports and more, allowing users to search the web while chatting with buddies. Additionally, unlike Skype and Yahoo, Lycos Phone offers a free U.S. phone number, free fax and free voicemail to email.

Currently, Globe7 supports Windows 2000 and XP. Future enhancements will support Linux, Mac OS, Palm OS and Pocket PC.