Sunday, March 12, 2006

NeuStar's Global SIP-IX Initiative Signs HKG and Japan Internet Exchanges

NeuStar has secured relationships with Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX) and Japan Internet Exchange Co. Ltd. (JPIX) for its Global SIP-IX Initiative, which will offer a suite of services designed to enable direct network-to-network peering between trading partners for voice, video and content services using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based technologies such as IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) and VoIP.

NeuStar also announced that it has completed deployment of SIP-IX infrastructure in facilities operated by its previously announced partners, Equinix and TELEHOUSE. In addition, as part of ongoing trials and broader vendor interoperability testing efforts, NeuStar successfully tested the provisioning interfaces for its SIP-IX service with Ceon, Incognito, NetNumber, and Nominum. The SIP-IX provisioning interface is a standards- based mechanism which enables numbering and IP routing information to be uploaded into the SIP-IX registry infrastructure, where it is synchronized with the SIP-IX global query infrastructure, or downloaded to the network operator's own service infrastructure to facilitate SIP interoperability and call routing.

AMS-IX, Equinix, HKIX, JPIX, and TELEHOUSE will each integrate SIP-IX with their IP peering infrastructures, creating a service delivery platform at the IXP locations that enable network operators to peer SIP-based traffic, in addition to existing peering and collocation services that the providers will continue to offer using current infrastructure and technologies.

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