Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Minerva and Nortel Partner on IPTV-to-IMS Interface

Minerva Networks and Nortel have jointly developed an Application Interface (API) that enables the integration of real-time IPTV services with Minerva's iTVManager software. Nortel is using this jointly developed interface as a first step to bring together Minerva's IPTV middleware platform with Nortel's IMS solution.

The new API uses SIP, giving developers and service providers the tools to enable real-time applications such as voice mail access and callback functionality over the television set. The companies said their development environment also supports legacy non-SIP systems, including Caller ID and instant messaging.

The API enables key communications features such as click-to-call, network address book, buddy lists, mobile-to-TV text and picture messaging and the ability to configure communications services directly through the set-top box (STB). The Minerva iTVManager platform has been enhanced to leverage a broad range of capabilities in Nortel's standards compliant SIP solutions.

The iTVManager platform is targeted to support Nortel's SIP and IMS (Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem) infrastructure. SIP, used for establishing sessions in an IP network, makes a host of on-screen services possible, including e-commerce, click-to-dial, Instant Messaging and voice mail. IMS replaces the control infrastructure of a traditional circuit- switched phone system and decouples voice and other services from the underlying delivery networks making new service deployments faster and easier.

"Minerva has over 65 customers around the world who are anxious to introduce advanced communications services with their IPTV offerings. The joint development of our new open API makes this a possibility," explained Matt Cuson, VP of Marketing for Minerva Networks.


Meets IMS
enables the separation of applications from the underlying network.
While originally defined for 3G mobile phone systems, the IMS model
has now been adopted as a baseline technology for network and service
convergence by wireless, wireline and cable providers. Here is how it
could be integrated with IPTV to enable personalized services across any
broadband connection, wireless or wireline.