Wednesday, March 15, 2006

FLO Forum Approves Device and Transmitter Performance Specifications

The FLO Forum announced the ratification of several key technical specifications developed by its Test and Certification Committee. The technical and performance requirements captured in the documents assure interoperability and compatibility for FLO based terrestrial mobile multimedia multicast devices and transmitters. The specifications are companion documents to the previously ratified FLO Air Interface Specification (AIS), which was submitted to the TIA TR47.1 subcommittee at its January 2006 meeting. The newly approved documents are:

  • FLO Device Minimum Performance Specification Rev. 1.0

  • FLO Transmitter Minimum Performance Specification Rev. 1.0

  • FLO Test Application Protocol Specification Rev. 1.0

Nine new member companies have joined the FLO Forum, bringing the total membership to 33. The new members include Bando Electronics & Communication Co., Coding Technologies AB, Digital Fountain, Frontier Silicon, KDDI Corporation, Mobix Interactive, net&tv Inc., SOLiD Technologies, Inc., and Thomson.
  • FLO technology is a new air interface originally developed by Qualcomm with multicasting capabilities designed to increase capacity and reduce content delivery costs to mobile handsets.

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