Wednesday, March 1, 2006

eWAN1 to Launch Global IPtv Service in 36 Languages

eWAN1, a company based in Santa Ana, California, plans to launch a Global Internet Television service on April 15th featuring 75 channels of "On Demand" content over any broadband connection.

The company plans to roll out a projected 250,000 of its proprietary "Triple Play" set-top boxes to both U.S. and International consumers this year. The set-top box is pre-bundled with a monthly subscription for the channels of content and consumers will be able to order online and from local retail channels.

EWAN will also feature programming in the following languages: Urdu, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Turkish, Thai, Tagalog, Swedish, Spanish, Slovak, Hebrew, Serbian, Russian, Romanian, Punjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Persian, Norwegian, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Italian, German, Hindi, Greek, French, Finnish, English, Egyptian, Dutch, Danish, Czech, Cantonese, Bulgarian, Bengali, Armenian and Arabic.

EWAN's wholly owned subsidiary, Direct Connect, will provide traditional broadcast television including such popular programming as HBO, CNN, Showtime, ABC and ESPN, allowing subscribers to pick and choose only those channels they are willing to pay for.


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