Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Entriq Hires Microsoft and DIRECTV to Drive multimedia content

Entriq announced that Jan Hofmeyr and Stephen Condon have joined the company as Executive Vice President of Business Development and Vice President of Marketing respectively. Entriq provides a full, end-to-end solution to secure and monetize multimedia content for broadband, mobile and IPTV consumers worldwide.

Prior to joining Entriq, Hofmeyr spent seven years with Microsoft Corporation focusing on digital TV support in Windows Operating System. At Microsoft, Mr. Hofmeyr was an integral part of the initial group that founded the new Microsoft eHome division and created the Windows Media Center Edition (MCE), which led to the historic agreement between Microsoft and the US Cable industry that will enable support for digital cable (including HDTV services) in the next release of MCE.

Prior to joining Entriq, Mr. Condon was Chief Marketing Officer at Intertainer where he led the marketing initiatives of the leading broadband on demand content and services provider. Previously he held several leadership positions in the multimedia content industry, specifically in video delivery. His career highlights include working on the launch of DIRECTV and bringing it to over three million subscribers. Mr. Condon was also Vice President of Marketing at INTERVU, one of the original Internet content delivery companies

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