Sunday, March 12, 2006

DSL Forum Expands Scope to include FTTP and FTTN

The DSL Forum is expanding its scope to other broadband access technologies, including FTTP and FTTN (PON). Technical work is underway to address common CPE and architecture requirements for various types of access methods to deliver video, voice and data services. Interoperability and qualification work has also been expanded to address higher layer functions as well as the physical layer testing of ADSL2plus and the newly standardized VDSL2.

Michael Brusca, chairman and president of the DSL Forum, said: "We have built on our end to end architecture, broadening Layer 3 specifications that are applicable to FTTP and FTTN (PON) in addition to DSLAM based platforms. Our DSLHome work has been expanded to cover management of common CPE and devices for all types of Wide Area Networks (WANs) and consumer electronics (CE) networking requirements."

In a progress report following its annual meeting help recently in Vienna, The DSL Forum also announced that nine new Technical Reports (TR) were completed in 2005.

  • MCM Specific Managed Objects in VDSL Network Element

  • Operations & Network Mgmt

  • DSLHome Applying TR-069 to Remote Management of Home Networking Devices

  • Service Interface Requirements for TR-058 Architectures

  • DSLHome TR-064 Extensions for Service Differentiation

  • DSLHome Reference Models for VoIP Configurations in the DSL Home

  • DSLHome Data Model Template for TR-069 Enabled Devices

  • DSLHome Provisioning Parameters for VoIP CPE

  • DSLHome Gateway Device Version 1.1 Data Model for TR-069

  • Multi-Service Delivery Framework for Home Networks

  • Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) Requirements Document

  • Protocol Independent Object Model for Managing Next Generation ADSL Technologies

  • SCM Specific Managed Objects In VDSL Network Element

  • CPE WAN Mgmt Protocol

  • Base Requirements for an ADSL Modem with Routing

In addition, in its 2006 elections, DSL Forum members elected two new directors, re-elected five directors and marked the retirement of one of its founders, David Greggains. Having served as a director of the DSL Forum for all of its 11 years in various roles including chief operating officer, vice president, secretary and treasurer, David received the Forum's Lifetime Achievement Award.

New members elected to the board are Lisa Garza, broadband market manager of Cisco Systems and Heather Kirksey, senior manager, standards and emerging technologies of Motive, Inc. Both have previously been awarded the Forum's Circle of Excellence award for their active participation in its work over several years. Directors who were re-elected are: Frank Van der Putten of Alcatel; Peter LeBlanc of Aware, Inc.; Steve Plume of BT; Phil Skeba of Intel and Greg Bathrick of Texas Instruments.

Gavin Young, chief architect of Bulldog Communications, was re-elected as technical committee chair. Vincenzo Gulla, vertical application marketing manager of Aethra was elected marketing committee chair after Jay Fausch of Alcatel, who served in this position for five years, stood down from the role.

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