Monday, March 27, 2006

Cramer Introduces its Next Gen OSS, Partners with Alcatel, Oracle

Cramer launched its Cramer6 OSS Suite, its next generation, end-to-end fulfillment suite "for any service on any network." The company has added seven new integrated products to its portfolio.

Cramer said that by encapsulating network complexity for presentation to the sales and marketing organization, it can allows product managers to accelerate the creation of new services.

Cramer6 OSS Suite provides a two-way interface between the Business Support Systems (BSS) and the OSS. It features a unique inventory-centric approach to service fulfillment and activation. Driven by the need for more sophisticated activation for NGN environments, particularly Triple Play, Cramer6 OSS Suite applies the functionality of Cramer inventory and process automation to the task of high-volume, flow-through activation. Inventory-centric activation enables complex service changes without service disruption, increases fulfillment accuracy and reduces the order-to-bill cycle.

Cramer also said its new OSS Suite is intrinsically ready to support new media-based services and associated content. By providing an abstract view of services and resources at all levels, including network, IT and content components, and by providing a capacity view of these resources, Cramer6 OSS Suite enables automation of critical business processes across the converged network.

Separately, Alcatel and Cramer are teaming up to launch a joint Next Generation Network (NGN) solution center to develop an out-of-the box fulfillment solution. Cramer and Alcatel will jointly invest in the NGN Solution Center, which will be located at Alcatel's premises in Stuttgart, Germany.

The joint solution will leverage the Cramer6 OSS Suite and Alcatel's equipment and integration capabilities to automate the end-to-end fulfillment of triple play services for Tier 1 telecom operators.

Cramer also announced plans to offer solutions for telecommunications service providers pre-integrated with Oracle's Business Support System (BSS) capabilities. Specifically, Cramer will work with Oracle to deliver solutions to integrate BSS and OSS and automate key business processes to drive efficiency, scalability and flexibility.

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