Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Conexant Offers Designs for Next Gen Satellite PC TV Boxes

Conexant Systems announced a satellite television receiver card reference platform based on the industry's newest digital video broadcast standard, DVB-S2, for personal computers (PCs). It is targeted at manufacturers developing products that allow subscribers to watch, record and replay satellite broadcast programs on their PC.

The new solution is based on two Conexant set-top box (STB) solutions and one PC video device. These include a digital video broadcast DVB-S2 demodulator and forward error correction (FEC) decoder, a third-generation 8PSK satellite tuner, and a PCI audio/video (AV) broadcast decoder. The two STB devices enable the capture and processing of satellite broadcast programming, and the AV decoder converts and transports the video stream so it can be viewed on a PC.

The reference design is backward-compatible with the previous DVB-S and DSS standards.

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