Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cognio's Spectrum Expert Supports Wireless VoIP

Cognio, a start-up based in Germantown, Maryland, announced a spectrum management platform with the ability to create detailed device versus channel charts that shows the impact of specific devices on each WiFi channel and how they are impacting channel and overall network performance. Cognio's technology not only plots the energy of the spectrum but also reads and lists the devices that are using the spectrum in real time.

Cognio said this capability enables IT managers to remove, move, shield, or replace specific devices to minimize impact and maximize WiFi network performance. By understanding what devices are actively using the spectrum by name (such as cordless phone, Bluetooth device, and microwave ovens), Spectrum Expert helps enterprises set policies to deal with the consequences of intrusions into the spectrum. For example, an enterprise could set a policy that cordless headsets and handsets are not allowed in the environment.

Cognio has also added the ability for wireless technicians to perform a full spectrum capture at remote sites that can be saved for later review and analysis or transmitted via the wireless network back to headquarters for real-time analysis. This enables IT managers to create a baseline and compare spectrum changes over time.

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