Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Coaxsys Hires VP of Corp. Development

Coaxsys, a supplier of in-home IPTV and Multimedia networking, has appointed Ali Taslimi as the company's VP of Corporate Development. Taslimi began his career in a variety of positions at AT&T Bell Laboratories and Lucent Technologies. Since 2000, Taslimi has been intimately involved with equipment manufacturers that serve the broadband networking and IPTV arenas, including Alcatel USA and Occam Networks. He also holds a series of Triple-Play-oriented patents focused on high-bandwidth applications such as video distribution.

Video without Rewiring: Subscriber Deployments Show Promise�and
Problems�with IPTV Networking
IPTV networking performance suffers considerable setbacks when
battle-tested in subscribers� homes. Reams have been written about
the high costs of rewiring homes with Cat-5 as well as the coax-based,
powerline, and wireless networking alternatives for IP video distribution.
However, selecting an effective in-home networking solution requires more
than deciding which wire is most attractive. Beyond lab testing,
real-world Telco deployments have shown that a whole new set of IPTV
networking complications arise.

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