Monday, March 27, 2006

BT Deploys MetaSolv's Provisioning 5 for IP Services

BT is implementing MetaSolv's Provisioning 5 to enable IP Service delivery. Specifically, MetaSolv's Provisioning 5 will be used to facilitate the automated provisioning of BT's MPLS-based IP-VPN services and network elements as part of BT's Vserve initiative. The key objective of BT's Vserve program is to simplify and automate its entire VPN provisioning process, reducing time to revenue and lowering operational costs.

As a major part of this initiative, BT is replacing a legacy order management system with MetaSolv's Provisioning 5 to manage the entire provisioning process for provider edge (PE) and customer edge (CE) routers, MPLS IP-VPN services, and QoS. Provisioning 5 is already deployed at BT to manage a number of services and technologies.

Provisioning 5, formerly known as MetaSolv OMS, provides critical back-office provisioning management functions to orchestrate the essential tasks required to deliver a service to a customer.

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