Monday, March 27, 2006

BroadSoft Announces IMS-ready Media Resource Function Server

BroadSoft introduced a new Media Resource Function Server (MRF) for IMS environments. Based on the BroadWorks Media Server, the new MRF builds on core features by enhancing them with IMS capability, permitting interoperability with other application servers and allowing service providers to quickly deploy a range of audio and video services.

As a fully IMS-compliant media server, the MRF links the control and transport layers of the network, processing requests for media services from the application server.

The MRF could also be used in enterprise networks to enable multiple media capabilities, including audio and video IVR functions (i.e. record and playback), audio conferencing with ad-hoc and group calling, fax reception and forwarding and streaming (audio and video broadcast).

Broadsoft cited a number of network applications that can be built by using the MRF, including:

  • Video Mail and messaging

  • Auto Attendant

  • Video advertisement in call centre queues

  • Play tones

The MRF can also be managed remotely and monitored externally.

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