Tuesday, March 7, 2006

AT&T Introduces DWDM Service

AT&T announced a DWDM service aimed at small to midsize businesses seeking to interconnect sites in metropolitan and wide area networks.

AT&T Ultravailable Service Option 2 is both protocol and bit-rate independent and, therefore, can transmit data in IP, ATM, and SONET and handle bit rates between 100 Mbps and 10 Gbps.

AT&T said the service gives customers flexible bandwidth utilization possibilities at prices that meet the needs of the small to midsize enterprise marketplace. For existing AT&T ACCU-Ring Network Access Service customers who require additional storage services or bandwidth, Ultravailable Service Option 2 will provide them with a cost-effective, lower-end solution.

AT&T Ultravailable Service Option 2 is intended to meet the needs of clients requiring traditional ACCU-Ring-like TDM services and who may also require DWDM-based native protocols to support storage and/or other applications. It offers the same SONET and DWDM technology and connection types as Ultravailable Network Service (UNS). http://www.att.com

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