Sunday, March 19, 2006

ANDA Expands EtherReach, Rogers Wireless Deploys for Wireless Backhaul

ANDA Networks has expanded its EtherReach 2000 product family with two new devices designed to help carriers migrate their Frame Relay or ATM customers to a native Ethernet service while also seamlessly introducing Ethernet services over a common transport infrastructure. The new EtherReach 2118 and 2210 deliver Ethernet and TDM service bundles over the existing access infrastructure, while offering QoS and rate-limiting granularity in 64 kbps increments.

Due to the converged services requirements of running multiple applications over a single Ethernet service, multiple services including VoIP, video, mission critical data, and Internet access require mechanisms to delineate and manage unique classes and quality of service levels as tariffed by carriers delivering multiple services over a single Ethernet connection. Each of these carrier service types will require its own separate VLANs for Ethernet Virtual Circuits (EVCs) based on customers' class of service types selected by their end-users.

The new EtherReach 2118 and 2210 supports up to 128 VLANs per Ethernet port allowing carriers to offer multiple services types over a single Ethernet private line.

In addition, the new ANDA EtherReach 2000 products will support optional X.86 or standard Generic Framing Protocol (GFP) for NxT1/E1 on the current EtherReach 2108 and the new EtherReach 2118, and DS3/E3 interfaces on the current EtherReach 2200 and the new EtherReach 2210.

Rogers Wireless has deployed ANDA Networks' EtherTone platforms on revenue generating networks across Canada to offer high-speed data and IP services to several Canadian provinces. In meeting the varying connectivity needs of wireless as well as wireline carriers, ANDA's EtherTone solutions are used to connect locations within the same metropolitan area, provinces or states, between Canada and the U.S., or worldwide.

ANDA said its EtherTone solutions provide cost-effective Ethernet access, aggregation and transport for consolidating Managed Ethernet Private lines such as E-Line and E-LAN, and now wireless backhaul applications, such as WiMAX, WiFi or cellular extensions.

In addition, ANDA Networks announced that Lucent Worldwide Services is providing global maintenance and deployment services for its Metro Ethernet products.

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