Sunday, March 19, 2006

Alcatel Offer Compact Service Router

Alcatel introduced a compact version of its Service Routing platform optimized for mobile operators, service providers with smaller points of presence (POPs) and emerging markets. The Alcatel 7710 Service Router, which delivers 12 Gbps of throughput capacity, uses the same ASICs and provides the same QoS and high-availability features as the larger products in the series. It features a smaller form-factor with 12 horizontal slots for interfaces, including new 1/4 slot Compact Media Adapters. Key functionality includes low-speed aggregation of physical DS1 and E1 interfaces.

The Alcatel 7710 SR is positioned for delivering business services from smaller POPs, feeding traffic upstream into an IP/MPLS backbone, such as to an Alcatel 7750 SR. In mobile applications, it would feed traffic from the radio access network (RAN) into an IP core.

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