Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Widevine Offers Application Level Encryption for Video Content Protection

Widevine Technologies introduced an Application Level Encryption method for protecting video content, eliminating the need to integrate with downstream video infrastructure equipment.

The company said its patent-pending encryption system significantly reduces the capital and operational costs normally required to integrate content protection with VOD and nPVR/nDVR systems and expands video operators' flexibility to securely deploy a variety of video consumer devices, business models and service offerings.

Unlike traditional DRM/CAS solutions, Widevine Cypher Suite encrypts content anytime prior to the video processing on a VOD or NPVR/NDVR system, including upstream at a content provider's location. It also enables operators the flexibility to deploy multiple VOD systems within the same content delivery network. Finally, it renders obsolete the traditional process of decrypting and re-encrypting content late in the process -- a major concern with content owners. In traditional systems, encryption is typically applied too late in the process -- and removed too early -- to provide the appropriate level of encryption required for next generation video networks.

Widevine's Application Level Encryption has been tested and is deployed with the following video server vendors: Arroyo, Alcatel OVS, Broadbus, Concurrent, Entone, Infovalue, Kasenna, NCube/C-COR, QuickTime Darwin Server, Real Networks, SeaChange, Streaming21, Windows Media Server and VideoLAN.

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