Sunday, February 5, 2006

Vodafone Spain Launches Ringback Tone Service

Vodafone Spain, which serves 8.7 million users, is introducing ringback tone service, enabling mobile phone subscribers to replace the usual "ring" sound their callers hear with the latest music hits, sound clips and other media chosen by the subscriber.

Vodafone Spain's ringback tone service is based on MyCaller, the personalised mobile entertainment platform from NMS Communications. As with previous Vodafone operator company deployments, LogicaCMG is responsible for the implementation, integration and maintenance of the solution.

Ringback services first gained popularity in Asia, where they are now ubiquitous. Ringback has quickly gained momentum across Europe and the United States as more callers experience this new service through the music or other sounds their friends have chosen. According to Ovum, the worldwide market for ringback services is expected to grow to about $3 billion by 2008.


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