Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Vivace Semiconductor Targets Video Processing Chips

Vivace Semiconductor, a start-up based in Beverly, Massachusetts, unveiled its strategy and roadmap for delivering programmable, low-power solutions to developers of integrated displays/digital televisions (DTV) and portable media player products.

Vivace Semiconductor has developed a "ViViD Media" engine supporting multiple video and audio standards. The ViViD engine provides high performance processing for video decompression, compression and decryption through a combination of parallel processing and customized instructions and accelerators. Vivace is implementing chips in a foundry 0.13um process and will have samples available this summer.

Vivace was founded by Cary Ussery in 2005, and leverages his experience in multi-processor core development, as well as customized media processing solutions. Joining Ussery are Bryan Greear as VP of Sales, former president of NS8 Corp., a digital rights management company; Mark Indovina, VP of Engineering; and Rick Wanzenried, Director of Hardware. David French, president & CEO of Cirrus Logic (Austin, TX) is part of the founding team and serves as Chairman of the board of directors.

The company has licensed the "JazzDSP" high-performance configurable processor technology from Improv Systems, which Ussery also founded in the late 1990s and whose cores have been implemented in a variety of processes with multiple customers.