Wednesday, February 8, 2006

UMTS Customers Worldwide Tops 50 Million

UMTS, the third generation evolution for the GSM family of technologies, now has over 50 million subscribers worldwide, according to 3G Americas and Informa Telecoms & Media.

UMTS (WCDMA) is now in service by 99 operators in 45 countries, up from 61 operators offering commercial UMTS service at the end of 2004. Another 59 networks are either in deployment or in pre-commercial or planned stages. In addition, eight operators have been awarded 3G UMTS licenses and there are 72 potential licenses yet to be awarded.

Additionally, 3G Americas said there are now 125 operators in 74 countries worldwide offering commercial EDGE service and another 84 operators in 29 additional countries with EDGE networks planned or already in deployment. More than 200 EDGE devices including PC cards and mobile phones have been offered throughout the world since EDGE was first commercialized.