Tuesday, February 21, 2006

UK Regulator Publishes Regulations for VoIP

Ofcom, the official telecom regulator in the U.K., published new proposals on its approach to VoIP.

Ofcom estimates that there are now more than 500,000 active VoIP users in the UK. Take-up growth is forecast to continue and as more people start to use VoIP services, Ofcom is required to ensure that regulatory requirements are continually adapted to meet the needs of both customers and providers.

Ofcom is proposing a code for VoIP service providers to ensure customers are given important information about service capability. Ofcom is also updating its guidance to encourage VoIP providers to offer access to 999 emergency services and to help them comply with existing regulation of voice services, including requirements for Publicly Available Telephone Services (PATS).

The closing date for responses is 3 May 2006.

The full document is on the Ofcom website.


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