Tuesday, February 28, 2006

TelTel Secures $8.8 Million for its Global SIP-based Service

TelTel, a provider of SIP-based global Internet telephony services with presence-enabled features, secured $8.8 million in Series A venture capital.

TelTel offers a turnkey VoIP solution that enables service providers and enterprises to rapidly deploy VoIP and multimedia solutions to their customers.

TelTel currently has over 1.5 million registered users and partnerships with service providers worldwide. The company said it is hosting the world's largest SIP-based Internet telephony user community.

Purple Communications Ltd., Acorn Angels and Parawin Venture Capital participated in the funding.

VoIP Services Need to Take a SIP

Peer-to-Peer VoIP services have proved to
be very popular. Skype claims to have more than 10 million users. However,
Skype and other peer-to-peer providers use proprietary technology to
deliver their services. This results in potential quality of service,
security and reliability issues, as there is no way to manage pure
peer-to-peer routing. Additionally, the ability to improve quality and
provide new services through collaboration is tough to come by in the pure
peer-to-peer environment. The limitations of peer-to-peer can be overcome
through the introduction of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Here
are some advantages and disadvantages to consider.

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