Sunday, February 19, 2006

Spirent Opens "Proof of Concept" Lab for Developers of 10 GigE

Spirent Communications is launching a "Proof of Concept" lab to assist network equipment manufacturers in the design and development of 10GigE switches and routers. Development teams can use the lab to validate product design viability prior to large scale investment in system development, manufacturing and testing.

The lab, located in Spirent's Sunnyvale, California office, features 64 ports of 10GigE with the latest Spirent TestCenter software. Spirent TestCenter offers test cases for switches/routers. The company also announced a new 2-port 10GigE Multi-MSA Test Module for the Spirent TestCenter system. This will allow users to scale to more than 100 test ports in a single rack, providing a high density 10GigE port test bed.

The Spirent Proof of Conceptlab offers integrated testing of scalability, quality of service and layer 2/3 security, which provides more realistic results compared with serial testing.

The Proof of Concept lab uses full line rate 10GigE Network Emulators from Anue Systems. Spirent has partnered with Anue Systems to offer customers the ability to precisely emulate delays and impairments found on a wide variety of live networks.

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