Tuesday, February 7, 2006

SkyWay Connect and PanAmSat to IPTV Content Sourcing

SkyWay Connect is working with PanAmSat to deliver IPTV services to small and mid-sized cable systems and telcos across North America based on the SkyWay Connect MPEG-4 AVC video distribution platform.

Under development, this service intends to rely on PanAmSat's Galaxy 3C satellite to transmit the MPEG-4 AVC video content. PanAmSat and SkyWay Connect will work together to support customer needs and actively participate in promotion of the offering. PanAmSat also retains an option to acquire an equity interest in SkyWay Connect.

SkyWay Connect will receive video programming from up to 200 standard definition plus 16 high-definition channels of the top content providers. These signals will be combined in an encrypted digital feed that will be sent to a single satellite and returned to authorized cable, fiber-to-the-home and private cable providers for distribution to their subscribers.


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