Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Skype Optimizes for 10-Way Calling with Intel Dual-core PCs

Skype and Intel are collaborating to optimize Skype peer-to-peer calling for multiparty conferencing using Intel dual-core processor-based PCs.

The first result of the companies' joint technical efforts is the availability of free, ten-way voice conference calling for up to ten people in Skype 2.0. The companies describe this as an industry first for peer-to-peer calling.

The new feature is available exclusively for home and business users with Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology-based laptop PCs, and desktop PCs based on Intel Pentium D processors, Pentium Extreme Edition processors, and the recently introduced Intel Viiv technology.

The two companies plan ongoing, additional feature extensions and optimization of Skype for Intel's dual-core processors to take further advantage of the high throughput and simultaneous computing capabilities of Intel's dual-core processor architecture.

Later this year, Skype will release video calling optimized for Intel dual-core technology, boosting performance and bringing free, high-quality video calling to millions of users with Intel processors.

Beyond laptops and desktops, the companies said they share a common vision to enable Skype to function seamlessly across a wide variety of Intel-based computing platforms and network environments, including handheld computers as well as WiFi and WiMAX wireless networks.

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