Monday, February 27, 2006

Siemens SHC Licenses ANT Galio Client and TV Application Manager

Siemens Home and Office Communication Devices has licensed the ANT GalioT Client to enable existing and new TV services across a range of Siemens SHC devices in worldwide DVB/IPTV hybrid and pure IPTV markets.

The ANT Galio Client is a TV Application Manager that provides a dynamic framework for set-top boxes, televisions, portable devices and PCs. It controls device and service capabilities while presenting an advanced and consistent look and feel across applications. Galio unifies the user experience across services and client devices, simplifying product introduction and network roll-out.

Television, but not as we know it. . . 
new TV Application Manager is needed to enable tomorrow's television.
Consumers will use the TV Application Manager to take care of all aspects
of digital media and interactive service delivery between digital
television and connected home products.