Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Rotani Introduces VideoPuck for In-home IPTV over Wi-Fi

Rotani, a start-up based in Scottsdale, Arizona, introduced its "VideoPuck" technology for multicast IPTV in the home using standard Wi-Fi and HomePlug networking equipment.

IPTV service providers typically use multicast to simultaneously send video to a large number of subscribers. Originally designed for highly reliable wired networks, multicast does not provide the error correction required for wireless 802.11 and HomePlug networks. Continuous packet loss over 802.11 and HomePlug networks ultimately results in screen pixilation and poor video quality.

Rotani said its VideoPuck works with the company's "AirReferee" Wi-Fi technology to automatically eliminate packet loss over wireless networks and support the performance and quality required for IPTV and wireless video applications.

AirReferee reduces interference from adjacent wireless LANs and sustains network performance.

Rotani's VideoPuck and AirReferee designs are available to OEMs and ODMs via open licensing agreements.