Thursday, February 23, 2006

Optovia's SpanExpress Optical Amplifier Extends SANs to 200km

Optovia, a start-up based in Acton, Massachusetts, introduced its "SpanExpress" optical amplifier designed to storage area networks (SANs) up to 200km without the cost, complexity and risks associated with mid-span amplification.

SpanExpress is a rack-mountable, optical line system that is utilized between the storage devices at the local and remote data centers.

Currently, optical transport solutions rely on the optical signal being boosted periodically along the transmission line and use optical amplifiers to restore signals to their original characteristics when replicating storage traffic over extended distances. The optical signal typically needs to be amplified somewhere in the middle of the span at distances in excess of 80 to 100km, leading to additional capital and operational expenditures, and a less secure and reliable network.

Optovia's SpanExpress eliminates the mid-span optical amplifiers.

  • Optovia was founded in 2002. The company has a resale agreement through ADVA.

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